The NINFAS™ brand was created by accomplished and passionate stylists who have embraced the power of natural beauty. With over 25 years of collective experience in the hair and beauty industry, the NINFAS™ team has created a signature look that’s instantly recognizable.

Greatly influenced by the subtle beauty of nature and its elements, our timeless and classically-inspired styles were designed with NINFAS’s guiding principles in mind:

  • Educate fashion and beauty professionals on the NINFAS™ philosophy and provide them with the products, training, and support they need to distinguish their business.
  • Create subtle yet elegant nature-inspired styles that are unique in the world of fashion and beauty.
  • To help women project confidence, express individuality, and enhance femininity by elevating their natural beauty.

These principles are at the heart of everything NINFAS™ does. By drawing on our extensive experience working with top salons and fashion week teams around the world, we are able to offer an ever-expanding range of products and services to help inspire natural beauty.